The Pacifist Movie

The Pacifist (2018)

On April 18th, 2017, Larry Bassett refused to pay federal income taxes on over $1 Million, becoming the top tax resister in US history. In his defiance, he wrote letters to U.S. government agencies and representatives, announcing that his conscience will not allow him to pay for the US war machine. He knows that breaking the law will bring retribution from the government, and he accepts the consequences of his actions. In fact, he’s begging for their retaliation as his family and neighbors worry about his safety. Larry is retired now and lives alone with his extensive art collection in a loft downtown. He spends his days provoking the government with emails and phone calls, desperately trying to arouse a response from the IRS. In order to live by his personal motto that “you are what you pay for” he redirects his inherited wealth to individuals, causes and charities around the world. This is the remarkable story of his mission to carry on the legacy of his peace activist parents by taking a stand against war through civil disobedience.

Genre: BiographyDocumentary



Duration: 57 min

Quality: DVD