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The Cat Ate the Parakeet Movie

The Cat Ate the Parakeet (1972)

1965, the San Fernando Valley: Johnny is 13, his dad travels a lot and mom is clueless. When Johnny’s dog Honeycomb dies suddenly and dad isn’t sympathetic, Johnny takes off on his bike. A hippie couple in a pickup truck befriend him after nearly running him off the road, and let him join them in a wine and pot party. They leave him at a bus stop, a cop finds him, and the cop and dad wonder what’s up. Next day, dad tries to talk to Johnny who’s mum about the hippies. They bring him his bike, take him to their apartment, and more drugs appear. The lad leaves, but by now, dad and the cop are on Johnny’s trail. Can Johnny warn his hippie pals in time, and can he and dad connect?

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Genre: Drama


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Duration: 85 min

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